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Business Ethics & Law

Tesla Opens Access to All Electrical Vehicle Patents

Unlike most of his contemporaries, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, published a statement today that goes against all instincts of the protection of intellectual property.  Tesla surprised the technological world by joining the “open source movement” and making all their patents for electrical vehicle technologies publically available. Musk published a statement claiming that like many patent (…)

Dutch Court Lifts Block on The Pirate Bay

The Court of Appeals in the Hague lifted its block on The Pirate Bay in the Netherlands today, citing research that has revealed the verdict ineffective for the two ISPs in question: Ziggo and XS4ALL. The block was the result of a January 2012 verdict to cut access to  The Pirate Bay, a search engine (…)

Google Wants Antitrust Committee to “Trust Us”

The price of being Google – or any corporation that grows to the point of dominating a single market – is the inevitable antitrust probe.  On September 21, 2011, Eric Schmidt, Google’s former chief executive and current executive chairman was given the task of reassuring members on the Senate Judiciary antitrust subcommittee that Google is (…)

Is the Google and Verizon Net Neutrality Agreement All That Neutral?

Google and Verizon have finally revealed a proposal that, according to Google, will defend net neutrality while also allowing a broadband network of premium services.  Net neutrality is the idea that Internet providers, like Verizon, should not be able to restrict traffic on the web based on the traffic’s content.  The proposal can ultimately change (…)

Another Google Lawsuit – What a Shock!

Three Google executives have been criminally convicted, of breaking privacy laws, in an Italian court. The decision was about a case of a video, uploaded to and available on YouTube, showing an autistic teenager being bullied. This guilty verdict is being lauded by some as what Google had coming, and as a dangerous precedent by (…)

Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings?

Guaranteed organic search engine rankings offered by SEO companies have been a point of contention for years. There are two camps: those who insist that all guarantees are bogus, and those who insist that if an SEO company cannot provide a guarantee that it does not know what it is doing. As with most (if (…)

We Specialize In Everything

You would think that this tag-line might be from a comic strip, but it’s not. It is proudly emblazoned on a business sign (the business shall go unnamed) which I saw a few days ago while driving back to the office from a meeting. That tag-line made me laugh at first, but then once it (…)