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Amazon’s New AutoRip Service – Get Digital Copies of Your CD Purchases in The Cloud

Amazon LogoAmazon is known for offering disruptive services and products, it’s one of the main reasons why they are successful. The most recent such offering is called “AutoRip”. AutoRip automatically ads a 256Kbps copy of the tracks from any purchased from Amazon onto the customer’s Cloud Player account, which is part of Amazon’s suite of cloud services. Also, if you’ve purchased any CDs from Amazon as far back as 1998, you may want to check your Cloud Player account since you may already have digital copies of those CDs on there.

For the uninitiated, the Amazon Cloud Player is a music service which allows users to stream music, stored on the Amazon cloud, through almost any device connected to the Internet.

This Amazon video explains it a bit more elegantly than any attempt made here.

Before you start jumping up-and-down, not every album will work with this service, only those marked “AutoRip” will. This is presumably due to agreements between Amazon and record labels. The initial batch of AutoRip eligible CDs will include 50,000 albums from major record labels.

In the ongoing competition with Apple’s iTunes service, Amazon continues to offer interesting services which challenge Apple’s dominance in the market; however, until Amazon comes up with a service that is as easy-to-use as iTunes, and along with that a software-solution to manage tracks both locally and on the cloud, it will have to be satisfied with its runner-up status.

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