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Yahoo!’s New Home Page

Slowly but surely Marissa Mayer’s (the CEO of Yahoo!) changes are starting to show up on the public-facing side of Yahoo!. First came the Yahoo! Mail interface redesign, and now comes a new home page.

Today, Mayers posted a blog entry introducing the new Yahoo! home page. She referred to the origins of the portal saying:

Yahoo! first began as Jerry and Dave’s Guide to the World Wide Web, a directory of links created to help organize the Internet during its very early days. That simple directory evolved through the years into the Yahoo! we know today — a starting point for your daily habits. Whether checking the latest news, sports scores, or just searching, Yahoo! has always been about bringing you the very best of the web. And, today, we’re introducing a new, more modern experience to do just that.

New Yahoo! Home Page

The new home page will help personalize the experience for users by incorporating social elements from Facebook, in fact users will be able to log in with a Facebook ID in addition to their Yahoo! username. The new home page has also optimized to work on mobile platforms.

The new home page will being rolling out over the next few days for U.S. users.

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