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Search Engine Marketing & Campaign Management

Intent-based keyword research & development
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Immediate results, endlessly refined: it's the time-intensive paradox of successful pay per click advertising. A PPC campaign can instantly increase visibility and generate traffic, but its return on investment is never static. When the metrics of success are always changing, getting the most from every PPC dollar requires continual, long-term refining of every variable and detail. To anchor your ROI in a restless PPC sea, turn to professional PPC management from Evoba.

Evoba creates effective, cost-efficient campaigns through exhaustive research and analytical insight. Our PPC campaign design and management service is a comprehensive offering that can build an entire campaign from scratch or meticulously refashion an existing campaign. Whether as a full-time PPC manager or a one-time consulting auditor for your in-house PPC team, Evoba excels at turning pay per click into profit per click.

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay per click advertising, also known as cost per click advertising, is a form of search engine marketing in which companies bid to appear in the paid results of keyword-based queries. As an SEO supplement or standalone campaign, pay per click advertising holds unique benefits and challenges for online businesses. On the one hand, PPC may help you to achieve quick, prominent search engine placement with keywords that are too dauntingly competitive even for long-term search engine optimization. On the other hand, a cost-effective PPC campaign requires greater time and attention to detail than some companies can manage.

Evoba has extensive experience with all aspects of PPC campaign management, including PPC management for small businesses. Our PPC campaign managers have been certified by Google for demonstrated proficiency in the tools and techniques of AdWords, Google's PPC program. With Evoba at the helm, we'll test and fine-tune every detail of your campaign for optimum performance, from its keywords to its PPC ad and landing page content to its conversion and click-through rates. You set the budget. We provide the results.

The PPC Basics: Expectations & Results

Though organic high end SEO is the best choice for improving your website's search engine ranking in the long term, PPC advertising raises your online profile immediately. Clicks can be deceiving, however, and the keywords you think are best for your internet marketing campaign may not provide the best return on investment. Also, because ad placement in programs like Google AdWords depends on both keyword bids and "quality scores," PPC success demands a comprehensive approach that involves fine-tuning your ad content and landing pages, and optimization of your website's functionality and usefulness.

With so many variables to account for, PPC is, like organic SEO, an evolutionary process. Constant monitoring and testing is a fundamental part of an Evoba PPC campaign. Your PPC keyword list will continually evolve as each day's discoveries help us to improve your cost per conversion and click-through rates.

Our PPC Services

Evoba's professional pay per click campaign management services include:

Keyword Research

Whether we're building a new PPC campaign or revamping an existing one, we'll begin by researching and selecting a list of keyword phrases. Our research will be guided by your campaign goals, industry, PPC budget, and online niche. Seasonal and geographical variations may also play a role in our keyword selection. For as long as we manage your campaign, this keyword list will be continually scrutinized and amended to ensure optimum ROI.

PPC Advertisement Copywriting

The smallest variation in phrasing-even the change of a single word-can make a measurable difference in the effectiveness of a PPC ad. Evoba will create concise, relevant, and unique copy for each ad group in your campaign, and then continually test and tweak that copy to find the most effective phrasing for each ad.

Landing Page Selection & Optimization

Even well-researched keywords and persuasive ad copy will provide little benefit if they don't lead customers to high-performance landing pages. Evoba will help increase your PPC campaign's conversion rates by researching your website and identifying the best potential landing pages, and then working with your website development team to optimize those pages for peak performance.

Campaign Monitoring & Testing

PPC is a science of variables. It's a data-intensive process whose relative success or failure rests on one's responsiveness to search trends and customer behavior. Accordingly, one of the most important aspects of Evoba's PPC management is our ongoing monitoring, testing, and optimization of each facet of the campaign.

Evoba: An Intuitive & Adaptive Approach to PPC

All search engine marketing agencies can analyze data. What makes Evoba different is our adaptiveness, an ability that rests on both thorough analysis and an intuitive understanding of how search really works. It's a knowledge born out of more than ten years of search engine marketing experience, and a critical difference between our PPC management services and those of our competitors.

Behind the numbers, paid search is about people-how they search, and how to best meet their needs. At Evoba, we never lose sight of the human element of what we do. We desire to earn your business not solely through expertise, but also through integrity and humility. We admit what we don't know, but we learn, we grow, and we adapt. That ethical, evolutionary approach is what enables us to become better, whether as a business or as a PPC campaign manager striving for your company's sustained, long-term success.

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PPC Campaign Setup or Audit

The PPC Campaign Audit is designed for businesses who are comfortable managing their own pay-per-click advertising campaign, but would like to have professional input on the overall health of their work. The audit process can also be useful for those who have limited funds but would still like to have a professionally reviewed campaign.

PPC Campaign Management

Evoba's PPC campaign management service provides a comprehensive approach which allows us to design a PPC campaign from ground-up, or to work on improving an existing campaign down to the most minute levels.

Whether we are starting with a blank slate or are commissioned to evaluate, re-develop, and re-launch an existing campaign, we will start from the basics of keyword research, and evolve the campaign through ad copy writing and optimization, landing page testing and optimization, as well as monitoring and reporting.

The PPC Campaign Management option is an ongoing program where our team will work on managing your pay-per-click budget on your behalf.