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Q: What is search engine optimization?
A: Search engine optimization is the process of making adjustments to a website to help it be more search engine friendly. It is the use of the guidelines provided by the search engines to give your site a better chance to rank high in the natural results (non-paid).

You can find more information at What Is SEO.

Q: What is the cost for your services?
A: We have a page dedicated to pricing information. But please be aware that each site has different requirements, and the pricing will vary based on the amount of work we would need to do; however, we do try to accommodate everyone, whether it is a small business or a large corporation.

Q: How quickly can you improve my website's rankings?
A: Search engine optimization and ranking improvements is not a quick process. If you are looking for quick and almost instant results, we recommend considering a pay-per-click advertising campaign. Search engine optimization is a methodical and slow-moving process, and requires this approach in order to build legitimate and long-lasting rankings. Please be weary of companies that offer a quick fix to your ranking problems. Please read the Google SEO Page to learn more about what to look out for.

Q: I have a new site, can I rank for...?
A: We have many potential clients who would like to rank for very competitive keywords very quickly. Of course we would love to provide such a service, but alas that is not how the search engines work. We only utilize white hat (acceptable to the search engines) techniques, and never jeopardize the health of your website, consequently, our results will be delivered at a relatively steady pace, but if you are looking to rank for a term like 'real estate' within a few months, and have a brand new site, you are out of luck. It is important to understand that search engine optimization is not a band-aid for your site's lack of rankings, but is rather a long rehabilitation approach to make your site rank as best it can.