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Finding the right keywords that convert is the key to your success.

PPC Services

Improve your conversions and reduce your cost per lead by continually optimized campaigns

Closely monitored and weekly optimizations of your pay per click search engine marketing campaign will result in reduced cost per lead, or higher conversions for your nationally available products or services.

Local PPC

Improve your cost per lead & reduce your overall PPC costs Starting from $2,000 monthly spend Request Details

National PPC

Improve your conversions, and reduce your per click costs Starting from $5,000 monthly spend Request Details

PPC Audit

A complete audit to revive a stale PPC marketing campaign Starting from $4,500 flat fee Request Details

How Our PPC Services Are Different

No Automation

Tools and automation can make our lives easier, but when it comes to pay per click marketing, the human touch can make the difference.

Daily Reviews

Each pay per click campaign is reviewed daily to ensure the early detection of anomolies and potential problems.

Competitive Fee Structure

As we learn about yoru business and introduce efficiencies into the PPC process, we?ll pass on those savings onto you.

Comprehensive Weekly Audits

In addition to our daily review, each campaign will receive a comprehensive weekly audit to improve performance.

Monthly PPC Campaigns Include

Pay per click campaigns need constant attention and ongoing optimization to respond to the changes in the market, competition, and changes in requirements introduced by advertising platforms. Each PPC campaign includes a set of standard services to ensure that it remains optimized and competitive.

Keyword Research

Picking the right keywords creates a sure footing for a successful pay per click campaign

Landing Page Selection

Using the best of your content and supplementing it to drive traffic and conversions

Bid Management

Ongoing review and adjustment of bids to get the most out of every single pay per click dollar

Conversion Optimization

Focusing on keywords and traffic that converts is what makes a campaign successful

Tracking & Analysis

Ongoing analysis and evaluation of campaign activity keeps it lean and effective without wasting money

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