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SEO Agency Serving the Los Angeles Area

Evoba is a Los Angeles based SEO and Internet marketing company, and is the result of over ten years of experience in search engine marketing, content writing, and search engine friendly design. We are dedicated to providing true-to-value services, and are not afraid to turn away clients if we feel that our services are not a good match for their needs and goals.

Our Mission

As a service provider, we want to make sure that clients are getting fair value for the fees they pay. We decry the cliche label that is often applied to the notion that ?our success depends on our clients? success.? Our ultimate goal is to retire at an old age having retained most if not all of the clients that continue to help our company blaze a path of success. We hope that unwavering desire and constant effort to be a model of integrity and humility will help earn your business, but more importantly your trust.

To gain that trust, prospective and current clients receive only straightforward communication. Whether it is during the sales process, or when we are providing our services, every word spoken will relate nothing but what truly is; there will be no spin, nor aggressive sales tactics. We only want clients that can benefit from our expertise. We also realize that even though we know a lot, we do not know everything. This recognition allows us to learn, grow, and never falter due to hubris.

In addition to our marketing services, we also provide domain acquisition and portfolio management services through our sister company, Thorgate.

We appreciate your interest in Evoba. Contact us, and we will work with you to determine whether we can establish a symbiotic business relationship.